About BigCommand LLC Change

BigCommand LLC is a fast-growing software startup with it’s operation in Delaware, USA. Our focus is on
developing web applications, algorithms, software and new technologies that solve day to day challenges
faced by businesses.

Our specialty is in developing disruptive and sustainable solutions in an otherwise stagnant marketplace
that has forced consumers to accept what we consider less than average value for their money.

We also collaborate with businesses to strategize and build custom-software solutions that automate
their processes, reach more audience and increase return on investments.

Meet our CEO



Bachelor of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering (first class honors) Master of Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering Expert Mathematician

Our CEO brings relentless perfection to the company, as a professional engineer he has been taught to accept nothing less than optimal from his young days studying under different professors.

Before co-founding BigCommand, Nnaemeka worked as product manager in multiple software companies where he was charged with overseeing the direction of products, working with UI/UX designers to craft product experience that will not only impress but retain customers and managing multiple software/web developers to deliver exceptional product performance.

In 2017, he saw a massive gap in consumer’s expectation on every day-use business solution tools and what is eventually delivered by the tech companies behind them.

In his own words and I quote “I feel the industry was stagnant and focused on doing the bare minimum required to profit off their products instead of making advancement and pushing the limit of what is possible”, and it’s on these principles that BigCommand would be found on.

The dream (as embodied by our company) was always to create a slew of every day-use tools that challenge the norm and raise the bar in performance and so far we’ll uccessfully done in the video hosting & marketing industry, we’re also doing it in the sales automation and marketing automation.


Nnaemeka is what many would call a workaholic but where people see an overachiever, we see an enthusiastic and fearless leader that is not afraid to get his hands dirty, work 80 - 100 hours a week to break boundaries, literary working 3X as hard as any other employee.

As a UI/UX designer, he famously designed & documented the entire BigCommand eco-system including the entire of the first set applications released in the eco-system famously Adilo, InboxBird, BigDrive, BoomFront though today, he’s stepped away from active design.

VueJs), he built the main BigCommand eco-system that every BigCommand app lives on. Today, he spends 80% of his time writing beautiful codes and working with the rest of our engineers and developers on core BigCommand apps, actively leading the technology & technical growth of the company.